The home page for your domain is not set, please set it up

Your MetaFunnels™ platform is installed and working correctly, now you need to set the main page for your platform so that normal visitors do not see this message

What should be done:

  1. Log in to your personal admin account using the link:
  2. Set the main page of the site in one of two ways
    1. The easy way: Create your first sales funnel and set the entrance to it as the main page of your site, then all changes on the landing page of the funnel will be transferred to the main (this) page of the site and until you have a full-fledged site, people will immediately enter your funnel by visiting main (this) page:
      Funnel Creation Page
      Home page setup settings
    2. More complicated way: Create a full site in the site builder and set this site as the main one:
      Website builder